In the club we run number of internal competitions which are open to all members.

The Calaby Trophy - 3 Bowl Mixed Pairs, played under Australian rules. Played on tbc

The Herbert Twite Cup - 2 Bowl mixed Pairs. Played on tbc.

The Friendship Cup -3 Bowls Mixed pairs. Played on tbc.

The Arnold Wright Trophy - 2 Bowls Singles. Roving Cot. Played on tbc

The Bindy Murton Cup - 3 Bowls Singles. Initial group games to be played tbc. 

The Elizabeth Ann Cup - 4 Bowl Fixed Jack. Initial group games to be played by tbc.

The Lenny Taylor Cup - 4 Bowls singles. Initial group games to be played by tbc.

The Green Cup - 3 Bowl singles open to all non competition finalists. To be played on tbc.

The Dave Goody Trophy - 3 Bowl triples. To be played on tbc. 

The Courtenay House Cup - 3 Bowl triples played between the 4 Blocks. 

                                                               Finals Day - tbc.




The Calaby Trophy.  

Played on Saturday 11th May.

Congratulations to Tracey and Mike on winning the first trophy of the season. They made excellent use of the Green on an bright sunny afternoon!

Tracey's first Trophy in her first year playing Bowls - awesome!!

The Friendship Cup.

Congratulations to Dieter and Maureen on winning a closely contested game. 

The Elizabeth Ann Cup.

Congratulations to Dieter on winning a closely fought final.

The Courtenay House Cup.

To be played on Thursday evenings through

the season.

Round 1 - Thursday 2nd May

Round 2 - Thursday 9th May

Round 3 - Thursday 16th May

Round 4 - Thursday 5th September

Round 5 - Thursday 12th September

Round 6 - Thursday 19th September.

Games are played in the same way as

League matches, 3 Bowl Triples over 16 ends.


The winner is the Block who wins the most games.


The Herbert Twite Cup.  

Congratulations to the Champions:-

Dennis and Lennie

The Arnold Wright Trophy.

Played on Saturday 28th July.

Congratulations Lennie!!! A fantastic win in damp humid conditions.



The Bindy Murton Cup.

Congratulations to Mike on a good win.

The Green Cup.

Congratulations to Pat on an excellent win.

The Lenny Taylor Cup.

Congratulations to Dieter on a good game and his second Trophy of the day!! 

The Dave Goody Trophy.

Congratulations Maureen, Len and Lennie on winning in an excellent and fascinating game

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