In the club we run number of internal competitions

which are open to all members.

The Calaby Trophy - 3 Bowl Mixed Pairs, played under Australian rules. Played on tbc

The Herbert Twite Cup - 2 Bowl mixed Pairs. Played on tbc.

The Friendship Cup -3 Bowls Mixed pairs. Played on tbc.

The Arnold Wright Trophy - 2 Bowls Singles. Roving Cot. Played on tbc

The Bindy Murton Cup - 3 Bowls Singles. Initial group games to be played tbc. 

The Elizabeth Ann Cup - 4 Bowl Fixed Jack. Initial group games to be played by tbc.

The Lenny Taylor Cup - 4 Bowls singles. Initial group games to be played by tbc.

The Green Cup - 3 Bowl singles open to all non competition finalists. To be played on tbc.

The Dave Goody Trophy - 3 Bowl triples. To be played on tbc. 

The Courtenay House Cup - 3 Bowl triples played between the 4 Blocks. 

        The dates of Finals Day and all competitions- 

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