English Bowls Federation Statement 25Feb21:


Outdoor Season 2021.


Latest Corona virus Update

Good news for our sport this summer as it looks like we will have an outdoor season after all!

Following the Government's decision to start a road map for the easing of lockdown restrictions this will enable the English Bowling Federation, Counties, and Affiliated clubs to prepare with confidence for the 2021 season. The announcement by the Prime Minister confirms that outdoor affiliated bowls clubs will be able to open from 29 March.

I have spoken with the Bowls Development Alliance and they confirm that formally organised sport can take place from 29th March but this will be restricted by the rule of 6 until the 17th May.

In short, as long as each rink adheres to the rule of 6 and you have the right social distancing measures in place between rinks (which means you can’t play on all rinks at the same time) then you can arrange your competitions accordingly.

Then from 19th May, these increase to 30 people so full league matches can then be arranged. From 21st June hopefully all restrictions will be removed.

With most of the restrictions being gradually released and hopefully by the 21st June all should be clear, we are planning on going ahead with all of our County Championships culminating in the winners qualifying for Skegness in August. (Would all the Counties who have not sent their outdoor figures to me, send them as soon as they are available)

I am waiting for all the Counties to reply to me regarding the Adams/Newton/Donald Steward and Silver Vase games before a decision will be made whether to cancel or not.

Also the Durham Centenary and Under 25s could be played as the number of players involved would be under 30 after the 17th May. No games should be played before the 17th as the rule of 6 would apply.

The only other game we play at Skegness is the Reg. Jackson, we see no problem with this going ahead if all restrictions have been lifted by the 21st of June.

Any further news coming out of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, or the Bowls Development Alliance will be passed on to all the Counties.

Dave Woods National Secretary English Bowling Federation.