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Fancy a bit of intrigue? …read on….  

…….so you stand on a rubber mat and look out across what looks like a very well manicured lawn (the Green) at a little white ball (the Cot or Jack) that is about 30 metres (~65feet) away. 

Sitting comfortably in your hand is a Bowl, a ball shaped object of a size and weight that suits you best.

You take a step forward, bend down and let the Bowl go, the object of the game being to get your Bowl as close as possible to the Cot. 

Simples you think, however as your Bowl glides effortlessly across the Green something happens……. what I didn’t mention is that your Bowl is not spherical, it’s got a bit shaved off one side so it is unbalanced, in the game it is known as bias……as your Bowl reaches about 3/5ths of its journey, the path it is taking starts to curve…….not so simples….

Come and have a go, be intrigued, be prepared for the unexpected, have a good mardle and practice making up lame excuses. 

Join us on the Green at Tittleshall Bowls Club (halfway up the High Street) SATNAV PE32 2PN Every Thursday evening from 6.00pm starting in April. (Lock-down permitting)

All you need is flat shoes - we will supply the rest!

Put it in your diary now!!

Check us out at



A game played by people of all ages, all of whom should know better, using balls carefully crafted to go in unexpected directions!

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