Working Party

on the Green 

has been postponed 'till the restrictions are 


We are a friendly group who play on our Green in the centre of the village on the High Street.

We play for fun and in  

 evening local leagues.

We also take part in county competitions as well as our own internal competitions.

Well, you stand on a rubber mat and roll your bowl along the Green so that it finishes up as close as possible to a small white ball - the ‘jack’, or ‘cot’ - which is about 20m    ( about 65ft) away. No clubs, rackets, bats or any other implements are used, it's just you and the bowl!


Quite straight forward really!

Not got a clue what it's all about...?

The  Opening of Tittleshall Bowls Club.

from a painting by Gerry Warner.

Dates for your Diary


Due to the ongoing situation with Coronovirus all Dereham League matches have been postponed until further notice.

All Dereham League matches have been postponed until further notice.

 Also the pre-season meeting scheduled for Wednesday 15 April has been postponed.

Keep yourself safe.

 Pre-season meeting 

Wednesday 15 April 

has been postponed.

This season's matches

The  season is now closed until futher notice

Our Thursday evening roll ups are under review

Site run for and on behalf of Tiitleshall Bowls Club by Peter Moore.

Comments and ideas welcome  

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